Editors’ Report, Religious History Association Meeting, November 2011


Carole M. Cusack

Christopher H. Hartney


General State of Affairs at Journal of Religious History


In the second half of 2011 the ScholarOne site for JRH went live and articles are being submitted online, with the refereeing process etc being handled through ScholarOne. So far this change has been unproblematic, with Martha Rundell offering excellent support at Wiley and Anna Haunton proving knowledgeable whenever the Editors are confused by the technical aspects of the site (particularly the decision-making process after the referee reports have been received).  The number of submissions continues to be very healthy.


Future Issues of Journal of Religious History (JRH)


The December 2011 issue of JRH is expected to go live very soon. This is a special issue on medieval southern French heresy, edited by John O. Ward. This issue has seven research articles (all by Australian scholars, six working in Australia and the seventh in the US) and two review essays (both of which are in early modern history, one on witchcraft and the other on Italian religious history).  This issue has no space for reviews.


The March 2012 and June 2012 issues have been forwarded to Kym Ng at Wiley in Singapore. The March issue has six research articles (including one on the cult of the Dormition of the Virgin Mary on the island of Tinos in Greece, and one on secularisation and modernity in eighteenth and nineteenth century Japan). The June issue has five research articles (including one on Marsilius of Padua, and one on Moravian missionary periodicals). The September and December issues are close to being filled (at least one will be a special issue, and we have two special issues close to completion, on Baha’i and on medieval legal history). The problem of the significant backlog of articles remains.


Other Matters


Drs Jason Taliadoros and Joanna Cruickshank (both of Deakin University) took over as Review Editors in June 2011. We are hopeful that the 2012 March and June issues will assist them in depleting the backlog of reviews that seems a constant with JRH.




Carole M. Cusack and Christopher H. Hartney