Emeritus Professor Bruce Mansfield

Emeritus Professor Bruce Mansfield’s dedication to humane studies and academic values has made a steadfast impression.  His studies began at the University of Sydney, where he pioneered an undergraduate teaching course on early modern European history; Bruce took this course with him when he moved to Macquarie University, serving as Deputy Vice Chancellor, and establishing himself as the foundation professor of history and Erasmus Scholar of distinction and renown.   He went on to become Deputy Chancellor at Charles Sturt University and since his retirement continues to serve theological education, as a member of the Board of the United Theological College.

Bruce Mansfield’s most notable achievement and major work of research and scholarship, is his trilogy ‘Erasmus 1550-2000, The Phoenix of His Age.  Interpretations of Erasmus c.1150-1750’, ‘Man on His Own. Interpretations of Erasmus c. 1750-1920’ and ‘Erasmus in the Twentieth Century c.1920-2000’ A three volume study of the reputation of Erasmus over four centuries.

In 2005, in celebration of the History Council’s 10th anniversary, Bruce Mansfield was presented with the Annual History Citation awarded in honour of a lifetime of significant contribution by an individual, and in 2009, he was awarded the Queen’s Birthday Honours for services to education in the field of theology and history and recently awarded Member of the Order of Australia.

As the founding editor of the RHA’s international Journal of Religious History, Bruce instigated the Bruce Mansfield prize in Modern History, awarded for the best article in the journal over a two year period.  In responding to the RHA President’s letter of welcome, Bruce reflected on the journal’s longevity  :  “I do believe that through its history there has been a number of people (over time different groups of people) prepared to set aside ‘their own work’ and give time to the task of editing and other necessary tasks.  Editing has meant, not just the mechanics, but helping people to refine and improve their work So, a community was created of which the Association is a successor”.  Emeritus Professor Bruce Mansfield