CALL FOR PAPERS – AHA 2022 Religious History Stream

CALL FOR PAPERS – AHA 2022 Religious History Stream

AHA 2022 Religious History Stream – Call for Papers


Urgent Encounters: dialogue across religious division


The Religious History Association invites proposals for individual papers (20 minute presentations with 10 minutes discussion), roundtable or panel proposals (90 minutes in total for individual papers and commentary), or ‘Worth a Thousand Words’ sessions (10 minute presentations on a single photograph, object or image) that explore the encounter between beliefs and the dynamics of dialogue across religious division in any period and context.

Ingeborg Gabriel identifies three strands of interreligious dialogue, that of life, of creed and of ethics. Presentations in this stream might therefore explore the lived experience of encounter between people of different religious traditions, engagement across belief systems that has been focussed on doctrine, theologies or institutional commitments, as well as historical examples of social and political issues informed by diverse religious positions. Papers might explore diversity within religious traditions, approaches to ecumenism, and encounter between belief and non-belief.

We are especially keen to hear from scholars of Islam and of engagement with Islam. Papers on other aspects of the history of religion will also be considered.


Applications due 31 March 
RHA Treasurer, Dr Kerrie Handasyde, [email protected]