CALL FOR PAPERS : “Beauty and Tradition”

CALL FOR PAPERS :  “Beauty and Tradition”

The Catholic Institute of Sydney for Theology and Ministry :



 “Beauty and Tradition”

WHEN:      Friday 28th to 30th September 2018

WHERE:   Catholic Institute of Sydney, 99 Albert Road, Strathfield, NSW 2135

The theme is to be interpreted broadly and from within philosophy, theology, history, social science, literature and the arts.  The conference has been going since 1977, it bridges between theological colleges from all denominations and universities; submissions from young scholars are encouraged.

Keynote Speaker on the Friday night: Vrasidas Karalis

Sir Nicholas Laurantos Chair in Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies. The University of Sydney. Author of Reflections on Presence (2016) and Realism in Greek Cinema (2016)


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“Only Beauty Will Save the World”

By discussing a variety of sources, from the Parthenon sculptures, the Byzantine Resurrection of Christ, Vladimir Soloviev, Patrick White’s The Vivisector, the films of Carl Dreyer and the art of Bret Whitley we will try to explore what legitimises the quest for beauty and why its definition remains so elusive and ambiguous. Does beauty save us or we save beauty? Do we search for beauty because we want to seem beautiful? Are there beautiful things and moments or beauty as a universal principle? Or maybe beauty is temporal quality of convergence and consilience?

Convenors: Peter Forrest (UNE), Jim Harrison (SCD), Shane Mackinlay (CTC/UD), Matthew Del Nevo (CIS), Vicki Petrakis (Centre for Early Christian Studies), Richard Colledge (ACU), Angus Brook (UND), Ian Tregenza (Macquarie), John McDowell (UD).  Emeritus Conference Patron: Andrew Murray sm