Celebrating The Reformation 500th Anniversary

Celebrating The Reformation 500th Anniversary

VDMA :  Verbum Domini Manet in Aeternum (The Word of the Lord Endures Forever) is the motto of the Lutheran Reformation, an expression of the perpetual power and authority of God’s Word.


In 2017, Moore College, Newtown is planning to commemorate the Reformation 500th Anniversary by holding a series of public events.


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26-27 May. Justification Summit

19 July. Public Lecture

3, 7-11 August. The Annual Moore College Lectures will be given by Carl Trueman, a well-known church historian who has written extensively on reformation themes.

26 August. Reformation Rally

13-14 September. The School of Theology, Conference

Full information can be obtain here:   https://www.moore.edu.au/event/public-lecture-why-the-reformation-still-matters/

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