RHA Conference 2012

RHA Conference 2012

Religion, History and Secularization

Congratulations again to everyone who contributed to making the 2012 RHA Conference on the theme of Religion, History and Secularization a big success.  Many thanks to Yvonne Perkins for her valuable 2 part overview on this event in which Yvonne gives a brief introduction to some profound philosophical debates about religion and secularism and how these debates were addressed in the papers presented at this conference.   You can follow Yvonne’s post by using the following links:

‘Stumbling Through the Past’: Part 1

‘Stumbling Through the Past’: Part 2

“Religious historians have an important role to play in resisting grand narratives of secularism and modernisations”, stated Professor Hilary Carey at the commencement of the Religious History Association Conference last week. “Instead of a single path to modernity there are many”, she argued while encouraging historians of religion to engage with this insight of post-modernism. “What interests the postmodern scholar is not the discovery of points of truth… but rather the relationships between propositions and how they are structured and given legitimacy”.

Some of the presenters at the RHA Conference: Diane Hall, Pamela Welch, Howard Le Couteur, Susan Mary Withycombe (chairperson of a session) , Hilary Carey and Noel Derbyshire.