RHA Mansfield Prize Recipient 2013

RHA Mansfield Prize Recipient 2013

‘The Mansfield prize is awarded to the best article in the Journal of Religious History in any one year (before 2011 in a two year period). It is named after the founding editor of the journal, Emeritus Professor Bruce Mansfield.’

The Mansfield prize recipient for 2013 is:

Alexander Coello de la Rosa, “Lights and Shadows: The Inquisitorial Process Against the Jesuit Congregation of Nuestra Señora de la Luz on the Mariana Islands (1758-1776)”, JRH 37:2 (2013): 206-27.


Previous Mansfield Prize Recipients are:

Adam Laats, “ Our Schools, Our Country: American Evangelicals, Public Schools, and the Supreme Court Decisions of 1962 and 1963”, JRH 36:3 (2012): 319-34.

Meredith Lake, ‘Provincialising God: Anglicanism, Place and the Colonisation of Australian Land,” JRH 35:1 (2011): 72–90.

Nancy van Deusen, “Reading the Body: Mystical Theology and  Spiritual Actualisation in Early Seventeenth-Century Lima”, JRH 33:1 (2009): 1-27.

Paul Hedges, “Post-Colonialism, Orientalism, and Understanding: Religious Studies and the Christian Missionary Imperative,” JRH 32:1 (2008): 55–75.

David Gray, “Mandala of the Self: Embodiment, Practice, and Identity Construction in the Cakrasamvara Tradition,” JRH 30:3 (2006): 294–310.

Peter Harrison, “‘Fill the Earth and Subdue it’: Biblical Warrants for Colonization in Seventeenth Century England,” JRH 29:1 (2005): 3–24.

Alison Clarke, “‘Days of Heaven on Earth’: Presbyterian Communion Seasons in Nineteenth-Century Otago,” JRH 26:3 (2002): 274–97.

Peggy Brock, “Mission Encounters in the Colonial World: British Columbia and South-West Australia,” JRH 24:2 (2000): 159–79.

Paul Landau, “‘Religion’ and Christian Conversion in African History: A New Model,” JRH 23:1 (1999): 8–30.

Michael J. Turner, “For God and America: the Religious and Moral Premises of Edward Bellamy’s Socialism,” JRH 20:2 (1996): 185–209.

Patricia T. Rooke, “‘Ordinary Events of Nature and Providence’: Reconstructing Female Missionary Experience in the British West Indies, 1800/45,” JRH 19:2 (1995): 204–26.

Charles Parker, “Public Church and Household of Faith: Competing Visions of the Church in post-Reformation Delft, 1572–1617,” JRH 17:4 (1993): 204–26.