Mansfield Prize 2020 – Lisa Beaven

Mansfield Prize 2020 – Lisa Beaven

The Mansfield Prize Committee have decided that the best article published in the Journal of Religious History for 2020 is awarded to Lisa Beaven, ‘The Early Modern Sensorium: The Rosary in Seventeenth-Century Rome’, Journal of Religious History 44:4 (2020), 443-64

Lisa Beaven’s paper brilliantly shows how art historical skills can be merged with those of religious  history, gender and the history of emotions, through a fine-grained investigation into an important devotional practice that developed significantly in seventeenth-century Rome. It brings to the forefront issues of materiality and the senses, to help explain the significant new devotional spaces generated by praying to the Virgin through the rosary.


Lisa Beaven is Adjunct Senior Research Fellow at La Trobe University. Her research focus is on art patronage, and Roman culture in the seventeenth century, in particular landscape painting and the ecology of the Roman Campagna. She also researches aspects of antiquarianism, relics,  pilgrimage and early modern travel.

She is working on a project (with Katrina Grant) to digitise early modern maps of the Roman Campagna (Digital Cartographies of the Roman Campagna), in conjunction with the British School at Rome, and is also one of six international observers on the European grant ‘People in Motion: Entangled Histories of Displacement.


Constant Mews, Chair, Mansfield Prize Committee