Membership of the RHA is governed by its Constitution. There are two kinds of members – Ordinary Members and Fellows – as well as a Committee of Management.

Ordinary Members

You can become a member of the RHA in two ways. Either take out an RHA Membership Subscription to the Journal of Religious History through the Wiley website. In addition to all membership benefits, you will receive a subscription to the Journal of Religious History. Or, for AUS$25.00, you can subscribe through Register Now as an Ordinary Member. This entitles you to receive TheRHA, the Religious History Association newsletter, vote and participate in RHA meetings, and receive discounts to attend RHA workshops and conferences.


Fellows are chosen in recognition of outstanding contributions to the purposes of the Association. They are elected for life after nomination by two members of the Association to the Secretary and confirmation by a quorum in attendance at the annual general meeting.

Committee of management

The committee of management consists of the president, vice president, treasurer, secretary and the editor(s) of the Journal of Religious History and two ordinary members of the Association. It meets at least twice a year to discuss RHA business. For 2016-2020,  the committee consists of Constant Mews (President), Glen O’Brien (Vice President), Katharine Massam (Secretary), Michael Champion (Treasurer), Shurlee Swain, and Leigh Penman as well as the Co-Editors of the Journal of Religious History, Laura Rademaker, Miles Pattenden and Saran Irving-Stonebraker.

President: Professor Constant Mews

Vice President: Associate Professor Glen O’Brien

Treasurer: Dr Michael Champion

Secretary: Professor Katharine Massam

Editor(s) of the Journal of Religious History

The editor(s) of the Journal of Religious History is appointed for a two-year term by the committee of management and serves a maximum of four continuous two-year terms. The current editors are Laura Rademaker, Miles Pattenden and Sarah Irving-Stonebraker, 2021 and ongoing.