‘Ancient Anatolia: The Origins of Belief’ – Istanbul : 18 – 30 May 2014

‘Ancient Anatolia: The Origins of Belief’  –  Istanbul : 18 – 30 May 2014

Ancient Anatolia – The Origins of Belief 

Location: Istanbul

Dates: 18 – 30 May 2014

Jon Baines Tours a British and Australian registered company, specialises in organising professional group study tours.

They are organising an upcoming event tour entitled ‘Ancient Anatolia : The Origins of Belief’ in Istanbul, during 18 – 30 May 2014.

This tour will be led by renowned specialist Dr Lavinia Byrne and accompanied by Jeremy Seal.

About the tour:

A journey through the ancient land of Anatolia. This exciting study tour takes you to Istanbul and on to Anatolia. From Istanbul, visit Diyarbakir with its ancient black city walls that measure 6km in length. Head onto the walled citadel of Mardin before departing for the honey-coloured village of Hasankeyf.

 Visit the newly excavated site of Göbekli Tepe, which has been dated to 9,600 BC,  and  the pilgrimage city of Sanliurfa (the ancient city of Urfa), the archaeological park of Nemrut Dagi and the old city of Gaziantep, known for its gastronomy and famous for its Mosaic Museum. Finish your tour in spectacular Cappadocia, with its famous ‘fairy chimneys’, and learn of its important part in the development of early Christianity.

For those interested, more details can be obtained by accessing the company website link below: