CIHEC International Symposium – 11-13 June 2019 – University of Lyon

CIHEC International Symposium – 11-13 June 2019 – University of Lyon

CIHEC International Symposium, 11-13 June 2019, University of Lyon

The purpose of this symposium is to study the links between religious history, Church history or ecclesiastical history, and other types of history (history of knowledge, gender history, global history, digital history, etc.). It is a question of reflecting on the interest of crossing the methods and concepts of these different types of history and wondering to what extent this could lead to a renewal of religious history. To this end, theoretical reflection based on specific examples is necessary, in order to fully appreciate the value of going beyond our strict disciplinary field and to better measure the contributions of other types of history.

It is thus possible to schedule several sessions:

– Gender and religious history

– Economic and religious history

– The contribution of the history of science and knowledge to religious history

– Religious history in global history

– The interest of digital technology in religious history

– etc.

This work must be possible for all historical periods and for all Christian religious denominations. It must be open to all generations of researchers, and particularly to the youngest, who are often more aware of new issues in the various historical fields.

This opening to other disciplinary fields could lead to a reflection on the status of religious history: is it a fully historical discipline, or does it come under theology, at least in part? is it a portion of cultural history, or social history, or is it totally autonomous? Depending on the country and the historical school, the answer is different. Communications will not hesitate to ask these questions.

The working sessions will take place on 11 and 12 June, followed on 13 June by a visit to various important places in the religious history of the Lyon region.

The communication proposals (in French or in English), of about ten lines, must highlight both a methodological question and a case example. They should be sent to: [email protected] and to [email protected] before 30 November 2018, with a short CV. The selection of the selected papers will be made in December 2018.

A publication of at least some of the papers is planned.

A scholarship will facilitate the arrival of a young doctor or doctoral student. Interested individuals should send a letter explaining the need for this award.

The CIHEC (Commission Internationale d’Histoire et d’Etude du Christianisme) is the international organisation of historians of Christianity, and is affiliated to CISH – the International Committee of Historical Sciences. The Lyon conference is supported by the universities Lyon 2 and Lyon 3, the LARHRA-UMR5190, the Société d’histoire religieuse de la France, the Association française d’histoire religieuse contemporaine, the Société d’histoire du protestantisme français and the groupe d’histoire religieuse de la Bussière.