History of Evangelicalism – Symposium – 5-6 September 2017

History of Evangelicalism – Symposium – 5-6 September 2017

Trajectories: boundaries and diversity in Evangelicalism


This symposium is occasioned by the publication of the final volume in the History of Evangelicalism series (IVP).

The Disruption of Evangelicalism examines the first half of the twentieth century. However the themes identified by Dr Geof

f Treloar of ACT have potential for much wider application. Identity, diversity,  response to rapid change, these are concerns with which evangelical Christians have grappled throughout their history.

This is no less true for the churches of Australasia. In the compressed time-frames of colonial and post-colonial development these very challenges have been felt most acutely.

This symposium seeks to make a major contribution to our understanding of the story and significance of evangelicals, especially in the South Pacific.

The three keynote speakers, Joanna Cruickshank, Peter Lineham and Geoffrey Treloar, will address themes suggested by Dr Treloar’s book.

Other papers on related or relevant themes are invited.
Email the convenor: Martin Sutherland by 30 April if interested in offering a paper.

More information on this event, including Registration and Conference Fees can be accessed here :  http://www.actheology.edu.au/events/trajectories-boundaries-and-diversity-in-evangeli