Dr Leighton Frappell

LEIGHTON FRAPPELL, MA DipEd Syd. PhD Macq., is an Honorary Research Fellow in Modern History and formerly Head of the School of History, Philosophy, and Politics at Macquarie University.

Leighton was a member of the Association for the Journal of Religious History for some 30 years.  For 18 of those years he served as an Associate Editor and as Review Editor for five.   He is the author of important articles in the religious history of Victorian England, especially the Oxford Movement, and on the historiography of the continental Reformation.  He is working on a study of John Henry Newman’s critical philosophy of history and supervising post-graduate work on the development of Newman’s doctrine of the conscience.  He is the editor, with Ruth Frappell and Robert Withycombe, of the major work of reference, “Anglicans in the Antipodes: an indexed calendar of the papers and correspondence of the Archbishops of Canterbury, 1788 – 1961”, relating to Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific.

Leighton’s other (very different !) interest is in Australian regional history, and he is the author of “Lords of the Saltbush Plains: Frontier Squatters and the Pastoral Independence Movement, 1856 – 1866”, an account of the political and constitutional issues raised by the attempt to establish a ‘purely pastoral’ colony – ‘Riverina’ – of the western division of NSW during the early years of responsible government.