Religion and Greater Ireland

Symposium: Religion and Greater Ireland, 1788-1922

Venue: City Hall, Newcastle

Date: 3 – 4 December 2012, Newcastle City Hall, NSW Australia


Vincent Comerford, National University of Ireland Maynooth, Barry Crosbie, University of Macau, Myrtle Hill, Queen’s University of Belfast, Mark McGowan, University of Toronto, Erik Richards, Flinders University of South Australia, John Stenhouse, University of Otago

 The Irish form Australia’s largest ethnic minority with up to 40% of the Australian people claiming some degree of Irish descent. This symposium examines the role of religion in the cultural empires created by the Irish overseas  including India,  Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, the West Indies as well as a day (4 December) focusing on Australia. The religious “Greater Ireland” was a distinctly transnational phenomenon, with personnel, institutions, and networks that crossed the British Empire and the United States and helped form recognizably Irish and British colonial cultures.  “Religion and Greater Ireland” examines this Irish spiritual empire in all its aspects, national and transnational, ecclesiastical, political, educational and social, and with reference to all the Irish denominations in the British Empire and United States from 1788-1922.

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