SEMINAR ANNOUNCEMENT – Historical, Cultural and Critical Inquiry

The Historical, Cultural and Critical Inquiry Group at the University of Newcastle (Australia) is pleased to announce the next paper in our 2022 seminar series, on Friday 2 September 2022, 10-11am Australian Eastern Standard Time (GMT+10). The seminar will be simultaneously held on campus and broadcast live via Zoom. (Details and Zoom link below.) Our presenter is

Jasper Ludwig (University of Newcastle): The Architecture of the Global Moravian Network (1720–1920).

This paper explores the architecture of the global Moravian network, which comprised over three-hundred diaspora settlements and mission stations established on every continent except Antarctica. Moravian settlements are notable for their spatial uniformity—whether they were located in Greenland, Antigua, South Africa or Far North Queensland—as well as for their interconnectedness, achieved by shuttling personnel, information, materials and capital between the vastly different regions of the globe in which Moravians were active. This presentation draws on both original archival research and digital humanities mapping tools to reveal how architecture—broadly construed—facilitated the Moravians’ global expansion between the early eighteenth- and twentieth century, including into the Australian colonies where six Moravian mission stations were constructed from the 1840s on. It explores the inherent limitations of both methodologies in attempting to historicise a multitude of geographically disparate sites as a singular global Moravian network.

Jasper Ludewig is Lecturer in Architecture at the University of Newcastle, Australia, where he teaches across history and theory, as well as design subjects. His research is broadly concerned with the ways in which architectural production facilitated regimes of governance and statecraft in British and German colonial settings. In 2021, Jasper was Fellow in the Architectures of Order LOEWE research cluster hosted by the Goethe University Frankfurt, the Max Planck Centre for European Legal History and Theory and the German Architecture Museum where he developed his research on the architectural history of the modern Moravian movement. Jasper is Associate Editor at Architectural Theory Review.

For in-person attendance: Room W202, Behavioural Science Building, Callaghan Campus, University of Newcastle (Australia).

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Zoom meeting ID: 870 4036 3272 (Open from 9:45am)
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